Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FDA Approved Pallets For Food Safety

FDA enforces key public health laws and companies must use FDA approved pallets for applications such as food, beverage and also pharmaceutical. It monitors the manufacturing, importation, transportation and storage while each year inspects over 15,000 facilities. 

Companies handling foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals at any stage from manufacturing, transporting or shipping to warehousing, must therefore invest in pallets made of FDA approved material. These are pallets that guarantee more hygiene, strength and durability. They outlast wood pallets by far and therefore offer great value. At the end of the day, the pallets are recycled and thus help in initiatives aimed are reducing carbon footprint. These pallets made of materials like plastics and metals are of more consistent quality and dimensions while come in variety featuring designs that are nestable, rackable and stackable.

Wood pallets are definitely the oldest in the industry but in the recent years concerns have been raised about possible food contamination from bacteria that thrive on wood in certain conditions. It is only FDA approved pallets that make the best investments for companies in relevant industries because compliance to regulations must be met for them to stay in business. These regulations are expected to become stricter going into the future. Companies cannot wait to decide investing in pallets made of FDA approved materials later than now. Use of chemicals for treatment of wooden pallets has particularly been of major concern and therefore changing to plastic or metal pallets that are easier to clean is necessary.  

Food can be safely manufactured, transported and stored in environments where only FDA approved pallets are used. In addition to providing the hygiene benefits and avoiding food contamination, the pallets also offer economic benefits to companies. FDA approved materials are lightweight and reduce cost of operations where the pallets are utilized. Greater efficiency in the operations can significantly increase productivity and profits of the companies.

Compliance to FDA regulations in public health laws by investing in suitable pallets for safe handling of food and related products also improves the company image to the public. The media has informed the public which fears any contamination of food associated with handling processes. Use of plastic pallets or even metal pallets approved by the FDA is an assurance to the public that companies are committed to ensuring food safety. Investing in FDA approved pallets at the earliest opportunity possible is a decision that will not only be meant for compliance to regulations, but will also increase public confidence to the products of the company doing so. It is a decision that greatly reduces risk management as associated with the use of wooden pallets.

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