Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Invest In Metal Pallets For Greater Durability

If you need to increase the efficiency of moving materials or finished goods, you should consider investing in metal pallets. Their durability over wood pallets is obviously a factor to consider if you do not want to keep reordering for pallets that do not last.

Material handling operations in manufacturing, transportation and warehousing may demand use of more durable pallets. Metal pallets are definitely strong and are suitable for handling weights many times than what wooden pallets are capable. The quality of pallets made of metal, often aluminum and stainless steel is more consistent. They are the best options where highly hygienic conditions should be observed especially for handling of food. If you need FDA approved pallets, the metal ones especially those made of steel should be a great choice for you. Although wooden pallets have been the most common than pallets made of other materials, regulation in the industry will force companies to replace them with metallic pallets.

Metal pallets due to their durability will better move and store goods safely than wood pallets that are often of inconsistent quality. Reducing damages of product handling right from manufacturing to retail outlets will definitely go a long way in reducing costs. Pallets made of aluminum are significantly light in weight compared to wooden pallets. That is another factor that contributes to lower costs while transporting or shipping. The metal pallets come in variety including rackable pallets, nestable pallets and stackable pallets to mention but just a few. They are versatile and can be used in diverse material or product handling environments across sectors.

Because of the need to utilize technologies like RFID when handling materials or finished goods in warehouses or in transit, metal pallets are becoming a better choice compared to wooden pallets. You cannot easily or safely use the RFID tags with wood pallets because tampering with them can easily occur. Perhaps there would not be any other ideal material for pallets used in industrial applications than metal. They are suitable in most of the environments where heavy duty material handling equipment is required. 

Metal pallets can last for more than 10 years and this translates to huge cost savings for companies that invest in them to replace their wooden pallets that have a very short lifespan. Even after 10 years of using metal pallets, they can still be recycled to make new ones unlike is the case with pallets made of wood. Companies investing in pallets for rental purposes would definitely want to consider their durability. They will invest in pallets made of metal or at least other FDA approved materials like plastic which still by far outperforms wood. Lasting value is definitely a key advantage for metal pallets. 

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