Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Use Fire Retardant Pallets To Reduce Fire Hazard

The availability of a variety of plastic and metal pallets now provides more safety and reduces fire hazards when moving goods from one point to another or having them stored at warehouses. Wooden pallets presented high risks of catching fire and destroying goods until fire retardant pallets became available in the market.

Reduction of fire hazards is just one of the many benefits that today pallets made of other materials other than wood can provide to companies making wise decisions. Wood is definitely like fuel in case of a fire disaster striking during transportation or storage. Fire disasters are known to destroy materials or goods worth millions of dollars and it is therefore important to make any decisions that can help in mitigation of such risks. Replacing wooden pallets with metal or plastic pallets that are fire retardant is definitely one such wise decisions for companies to make. Fire retardant pallets are made to meet certain minimum standards known to prevent or at least reduce the extent to which fire can cause damage incase of accidents.

Fire retardant pallets available in the market today come in many designs especially for the 40” x 48” industry standard. You will find most of these pallets in nestable, rackable and stackable designs. These pallets by reducing fire hazards contribute to savings on insurance coverage. Their versatility, low weight and other useful attributes they come with make material or product handling operations more efficient. Investing in the pallets will therefore not only make goods transported or stored at a warehouse safer, but will also end up increasing productivity and profits.  

Materials such as metals or plastics used to make fire retardant pallets are also definitely stronger, durable and last long compared to wood. Companies or individuals that buy them can expect to save more money and undertake their operations with added safety. Plastic pallets are very light and resilient while they are easily molded into designs including features that make handling very easy. They greatly reduce injuries to workers. These and also pallets made of metals are easy to clean and disinfect. They are ideal for applications related to handling of foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Use of fire retardant pallets by companies across the sectors can definitely help a lot in averting losses that can result from fire disasters. Wood pallets present fire hazards and other safety risks that can easily halt processes that move products from manufacturing stage to shipping or transportation and warehousing. 

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