Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Plastic Pallets - Reduce Environmental Impact

Pallets are definitely part of the most important material handling equipment that every company moving raw materials or finished goods must use. While they are definitely not as common as wooden pallets, companies are turning to them because they promise more benefits to them while also positively impacting on the environment.

Plastic pallets have longer lifespan compared to those made of wood and at the end of their life cycle can be recycled to make more pallets. This significantly reduces the waste of materials from old pallets that would have ended up in land fills. Eco-friendly pallets are definitely the better choice for businesses that would not want their materials and goods handling operations to be seen as posing risks to the environment. These pallets are stronger than wooden ones and can move more weights to make easier the handling of materials or goods in warehouses and while in transit.

Use of plastic pallets for shipping or transporting goods can significantly contribute to cost savings as they are light in weight compared to those made of wood. Charges are usually based on the weight of goods being moved from one point to another. As for the reduced environmental impact benefit, less fuel will be required by transporters and emissions of greenhouse gases hare reduced. Wooden pallets which are currently the most common have greatly contributed to the problem of deforestation. This threatens severe climatic changes for years to come if the trend does not change. They do not last long and therefore have to be replaced often meaning more trees have to be cut down for wood. Investing more in plastic pallets will definitely be the best option to reverse the trend.

Shopping and storage of food items using wooden pallets has been linked to risks of contamination. The pallets in several lab tests have been found to attract bacteria such as listeria, salmonella and E. coli if exposed to certain conditions where they absorb fluids. This led to recommendation of FDA approved pallets for companies that transport and store foods. Plastic pallets made to the right standards provide the best choice for such companies. In order to ensure food safety for end consumers, it is important for companies to replace wooden pallets with plastic ones. The media has created great awareness to the consumers who fear food contamination, and therefore businesses that will change can expect better image and positive results in sales.

Plastic pallets are quite easy to disinfect and therefore greatly reduce any food contamination risks. The plastic material cannot attract insect infestation unlike wood which can do so. Some types of insects are capable of causing devastation to vegetation and pose a great environmental risk. This can be avoided by use of plastic pallets for shipments.

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